Jim Gath: The Healers and the Healed

THE HEALERS & THE HEALED. Yesterday, one of our volunteers described what we do here at Tierra Madre as “the healers & the healed”. Brilliant. Alexis wrote a spectacular piece on it last night, but I wanted to give voice to it, too. Here’s Alexis’ piece if you want to see it: https://www.facebook.com/ranchotierramadre/posts/1376084799093499:0. Many years … More Jim Gath: The Healers and the Healed

Flying over Rockingham Park – Right before Demo – Greg Kelley

Credit: Greg Kelley/Youtube Here’s a great view (great but sad) of Rockingham Park right before demolition. I also visited around this time and took pictures.  I was particularly attached to this racetrack.  I won my very first bet there; a daily double for $143!!  Both horses had Man o’ War in their pedigrees; that’s how I’d … More Flying over Rockingham Park – Right before Demo – Greg Kelley

Ralph Nester: Racing in ’71/72

I remember shipping couple horses by a two-horse trailer to The Poconos and Charlestown and Shenandoah for night racing.   The days at the training center would begin at daylight,  but before that, we would all meet at Sherwood Diner to get coffee and breakfast and then we’d go get the horses out to the track.  When the training was done, around … More Ralph Nester: Racing in ’71/72

Ralph Nester: The Stable ~ “On the Cuff”

Through various contacts, I found out how to assemble a stable.  One of those ways was going to John and Joseph Pon’s farm in Bel Air, Maryland; they were the breeders of Cigar in later years. Well, there, all you needed was a horse trailer and just sign a paper.  They sold horses “on the cuff” which means that they supply … More Ralph Nester: The Stable ~ “On the Cuff”

Jim Gath: KELSO

A horse was born on this day in 1957. Here’s a little story about him. (Note: the photo was taken on the day I wrote about, with Hanford & Arcaro) THE MIGHTY KELSO.   There once was a racehorse. But only once. His name was Kelso. Among other things, he was named by The Blood-Horse … More Jim Gath: KELSO