My cover photo is the Backside of Suffolk Downs in Boston. I took this picture in September of 2016.  Some horses had shipped in for the two day meet.

My name is Linda Cantillon.  I am a huge horseracing/horse fan and have been since childhood.  I read all of the books, Man o’ War, Seabiscuit, King of the Wind, all sparking my fascination as a child.  I  spent a lot of time going to the New England tracks (not a gambler, just a fan of the majestic horse): Suffolk Downs in Boston, and Rockingham Park in Salem, New Hampshire.  Rockingham closed its doors permanently this past August, 2016.  Gone.  Suffolk Downs still holds a few meets in the summertime, but its fate is up in the air, and will be closing as soon as a deal is struck.  So, I will travel to other tracks when I can.  I’ve been to Keeneland and Santa Anita, it’s ongoing!

Social media has made horseracing finally visible !  Through that mainly, I have “met” people; people who are or have been “in the business.”  As they wrote snippets/comments on posts here and there,  I realized that these people were quite amazing…and that led me to contact them and encourage them to write their stories.  Fans, backside workers, exercise riders, the not-so-famous working with the famous, a mix of it all.

I am hoping that if you read this, you contact me so that I can publish your story here.  If you read the blog stories, you’ll see what it is that most interests me (and I hope others).  So much has written about the famous horses, owners/trainers, stats; but, this blog is not really for that.  It’s to collect those stories that have never been told, that need to be, so please contact me. Your words; not mine.  Your story; not mine.  (I will do some basic editing if need be, e.g., spelling, etc. but I don’t and won’t change your story or your words…)  I would LOVE your story and pictures to be here among the others.  Don’t let it be lost!  Thank you…